Mike has a demonstrated & respected history of working in the media production  industry, a proven & credited reputation as a freelancer in tv production, music, photography, film, documentaries, commercials, and as an experienced international cameraman and D.O.P.


Strong professional arts and design ethics, with a B.A. focused in fine art, commercial & contemporary photography. British Life Photography Award -'Historic Britain' - Award winner 2019.

Founder and Managing  Director of  the TV industry's leading freelance  broadcast camera crewing and management agency; TheCamercrew.tv


Mike is currently, undertaking UK stills photography projects.


Mike is Founder and Managing Director of TheCameraCrew.tv, industry recognised as the UK's leading film & broadcast television camera crew agency, management, booking and diary service.


TheCameraCrew.tv represents the selected talent of experienced and creative freelance film & broadcast television Camera Operators and Camera Assistants for international and UK television and film production clients. 

The award winning collective of Camera Operators and Camera Assistants are experienced in Large Sensor, Multi Camera Studio and location, Single Camera, OB, Hand Held, Steadicam & Follow Focus, Jimmy Jib, Technocrane, Hot Head, Furio, Tower Cam, Helicopter, Motorbike, Skater Cam, PSC, ENG, Lighting Cameramen, D.O.P.'s etc etc.


TheCameraCrew.tv is the first call for camera crew for the most prestigious of international and prime time film & TV productions, historic major live global events, music, arts, live to cinema, opera, ballet, entertainment, reality, drama, sitcom, comedy, documentary, sport and much more....  


Whatever your Camera Crew requirements, TheCameraCrew.tv can provide you with the very best crew. Crew provision, ongoing daily crew liaison and full crew management service on your behalf, before, during and following your filming....IS A TOTALLY FREE SERVICE.


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